Diretor de Fotografia, operador de câmera e 1º assistente de câmera, mexicano, com mestrado em Direção de Fotografia pela “ Escola de Artes y Espectáculos TAI ” em Madrid, Espanha. (2011-2012). Formado em Linguagem Audiovisual em Monterrey, México pela “Facultad de Artes Visuales” UANL (2006-2010). Atuando no Mercado brasileiro desde 2013, realizando comerciais, curtas, videoclipes e Institucionais.



Victor Ponce lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the past in Madrid, Spain and Monterrey, Mexico. Working as a Director of Photography, cameraman as well as a camera assistant.
Victor studied a Master in Direction of Photography in TAI school in Madrid, having a full scholarship of FONCA, CONACULTA the National Council of Culture and Art in Mexico; also he did a Bachelors career for four years in Audiovisual Languages in Monterrey Mexico at Art University.
He mixes creativity and discipline in all projects. Working hard all the way to the final result. His feature film documentary “Respira” was in the official selection of the Monterrey Film Festival 2010, having screenings in Brazil, Australia, and Mexico.

- Good relationship with production companies and producers all around the world.
- Camera operator in almost any situation like long cranes, hand-held, wireless focus operation and much more.
- Constantly up to date with both film and digital, testing, researching and using new equipment both in production and post-production, customized workflows for any project and any budget.